A Review from Honey & Roots

This is a review from Lilo, founder of Honey & Roots. She is a Health Blogger and makes beautiful posts about food, nutrition and recipes, as well as other health related topics. After meeting at an event in my workplace at Triyoga, she booked in 6 weekly sessions with me to help with her chronic neck and shoulder pain. She has written a review about her experience:

‘It’s not a secret that I spend lots of time in front of my mac and on my phone, that’s my work and life. I guess I could say that’s one of the downsides of being an influencer. As we all are so well aware of, it’s not the best posture for our precious body and we should be much better at looking after our bodies that does everything for us. Over the past 2 years, my neck and shoulders have become more and more of a pain. So I finally took action and signed up for 6 sessions with the incredible Lucy De Barr.

I was introduced to Lucy through an event at Triyoga Ealing with Health Bloggers Community, where I was given a 30 min taster session with her. It worked wonders, she knew exactly how to help my poor neck and shoulders, on a very deep level. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I find this very rare to find in a big city like London and have over time become more and more sceptical about practitioners. It might be because I grew up with my mum, 2 aunts, uncle and cousin being Physiotherapists, acupuncturist and a Chiropractor. So I’ve always being in good hands back home in Norway.

At this point, when I first met Lucy, my situation had come to a place where I found it hard to sit in front of my mac for more than 15 minutes before I started to feel discomfort and pain. I also struggled falling asleep as I didn’t manage to relax my neck. After a chat with Lucy about this and after the 30 min treatment, I decided to sign up for 6 sessions. Since this is something that had been going on for a while, I knew it would take more than one session to get back to normal.

I’ve now finished all 6 sessions. 6 hours in total of treatments with Lucy and I have to admit I feel silly I didn’t do this at a much earlier stage. Honestly, I feel great now, the pain and discomfort is gone and I really don’t understand why I would put myself through this for almost 2 years.

Lucy has a wide knowledge with different techniques and she is an expert on finding the right knots and stretching even the tiniest muscles that I wasn’t even aware existed. She has examined me before each session and given me a few stretches to focus on a daily basis. It’s not a secret that the reason for my discomfort comes from my own bad habits, Lucy has helped me massively to find the root cause of my posture habits, helped correct me and then given me “homework” – this way I’ll get long lasting results. It’s now a few weeks since I had my final treatment, and my neck and shoulder is still feeling amazing. I know for sure it wouldn’t have disappeared by itself and also knowing how my work affects my body by sitting still for hours and hours in front of my mac. I will make sure to take time to come back to Lucy for regular check-ups and adjustments. It’s the least I can do for myself.’

Lucy De Barr