Erin, IT Service Manager

Lucy is one of the most professional, emotionally intelligent and empathetic people I have ever met. Lucy doesn't simply treat the symptoms, she treats you as a whole person and offers a level of care that is second to none.  

I originally visited Lucy with a sore neck, however over the last twelve months Lucy has not only helped with muscular aches and pains, she has worked with me to improve my posture and my diet, and most importantly, she has been able to provide relief to an issue I have when swallowing which other doctors and therapists were not able to do. I believe this is primarily because Lucy listens, remembers and takes the time to really understand her patients. 

Lucy's positivity and enthusiasm is contagious, and her interest in the human condition is very genuine. Lucy would not only be able to help alleviate any physical pain, she would also provide inspirational and caring support for their emotional needs as well.


Alex, HR Manager

I have been seeing Lucy on a weekly basis for massage therapy.  I had a lot of back, glut and thigh problems from over-training and had been seeing a physiotherapist on a regular basis and no real improvement.

Within a few weeks of seeing Lucy, the pain become manageable and I am glad to say I am almost back to full recovery.

Lucy is personable, lovely and I can honestly say I would never use another massage therapist again.  We have also used Lucy on-site at my workplace for staff massages and the feedback from the staff was extremely positive and we will be using Lucy on a regular basis in the workplace.


Mary, Senior Programme Manager

After suffering with undiagnosable back pain for over a year, and consulting numerous different practitioners, none of whom were able to help, finding Lucy was a blessing. She was the only one who was able to identify the problem, and not only offer on-going pain relief, but actively work to correct the cause.

We have been working together for the past few months and my back hasn't felt this good in over a year.

Thank you, Lucy - I don't know what I would have done without you!



I started seeing Lucy to help with chronic pain in my shoulder and I couldn't be more impressed with the benefits her treatment has provided. I've suffered from this pain for over 10 years and I'd tried everything from physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture and sports massages but nothing provided anything more than short-lived relief. 

Lucy has a fantastic approach in really seeking the cause of the problem and delivers tailored solutions to this. In fact, her treatment is more thorough that anyone else I've seen and the effects have been fantastic. 

I would recommend Lucy to anyone who suffers from severe aches and pains and is looking for something new.


Kamal, Consultant Paediatrician

Thank you so much for joining the Reiki Team and helping us to provide something that no other hospital unit in the UK does which is a real deep sense of comfort, addressing the spirit of the children & families in our Critical Care Unit.


Clare, Deputy Headteacher

I have really felt the benefits of the healing for at least 6 weeks; I have definitely felt lighter, and found challenging situations easier.


Chloe, Teacher

I came to see Lucy a few months ago with chronic neck and back pain. After several weekly sessions, I feel so much better! My pain has gone and I generally feel more relaxed.

I am really impressed with her level of care, skill and knowledge. I highly recommend her healing hands.



For a long time, I was suffering from upper back, shoulder and neck pain. It started almost 7 years back, but over the last 2 years the pain became very frequent, from weekly to sometimes daily. In the past, I have visited a physiotherapist and massage therapists and used to get relief but only temporary, not permanent. I had given up hope for my back to get ever fixed, and started curtailing my outdoor activities like gym, travelling, yoga etc… even working for long hours in the office was difficult.

I came across Lucy for upper back massage in a yoga centre and discussed my problem with her. After doing physical inspection of my back, Lucy advised me to go for an initial 6 weekly sessions with her. Her massage techniques were very different but effective (this is coming from her wealth of knowledge and experience). After 2 sessions I started really feeling the release of tension from my upper back and neck. I had never experienced anything like this before. This caused me to gain confidence in her abilities. I was also regularly doing exercises advised by her and my pain started disappearing from the 4th session onwards. I became much more aware of my upper back, shoulder and neck posture; and started stopping myself falling back in the wrong posture while sitting and standing. 

I am writing this recommendation after 4 months of her treatments. The posture awareness still helps me and it has become part of my daily habit, and my back pain has gone for good.  Now, I have started doing all my outdoor activities which I am passionate about. I am sincerely thankful to Lucy for guiding me in the right direction, and sorting my back pain.



The energy therapy sessions I had with Lucy helped me a lot, they really took a lot of weight off my shoulders. Eventually, session after session I feel the improvement mentally and physically.

Also, her massage sessions were unbelievably effective. I was suffering from intense pain in my back specifically in the cervical spine. I would have to say that her sessions decreased the pain from a rating of 10/10 to 4/10, basically a huge difference.

I'm really grateful, she has a wonderful soul and personality. My kindest regards to you Lucy.